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Our products can be categorized into four groups. Please click on the following for more information:

Performance Yarns

We take pride in being the most innovative spinner in Southeast Asia and have been recognized as such. Among others, we were designated as the development partner of Invista’s stretch Lycra and Lycra T400.

Our performance products range from certified organic cotton to recycled polyester and blends. They also extend from stretch yarn to hard core spun yarn. We produce 100% Tencel yarn and other special fibers as well as blends with cotton or other materials. We are also a major supplier of slub and multi-count yarn using different materials as requested. In addition, we have Suessen EliTe and EliTwist and the largest capacity for Rieter Com4 and Com4 Twin products in Thailand, and there are many more.

If you have any special requirements or needs for performance yarn, chances are that we are producing them already. If not, we would be glad to develop such new items with you. We have no minimums for product development. Contact us.


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