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Our products can be categorized into four groups. Please click on the following for more information:

100% Combed Cotton Yarn

Nothing can match the natural comfort and softness of 100% combed cotton. To maintain the integrity of our combed cotton products, we selectively source from some of the best growths of cotton from around the world.

As a major producer of combed cotton yarn in Thailand, our offerings typically range in counts from Ne 10 to Ne 60. Special requests for Ne 80 to Ne 120 can be accommodated.

As one of the first spinners of organic cotton in Asia, we were a founding member of the Organic Exchange (recently Textile Exchange, and have continued to be a leader in the production of organic cotton products. Organic cotton is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals. We were the first in our region to be officially certified for spinning organic cotton yarn. We spin 100% organic cotton as well as blends with conventional cotton depending on customers' needs.

If you have requirements for conventional combed cotton, organic cotton, or blends, contact us for more information.

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